Tell us a little about your business.

We are a professional DJ company offering music and video entertainment services for wedding
receptions, private events, school dances, and even clubs. Our experience and passion for
music combine to make each performance a memorable success.

What areas do you serve?

Maryland, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware

What makes you stand out?

At Beat 2 Beat DJs, we believe that DJ’ing is an art form, and this involves much more than
simply playing music. After all, in this digital age of iPods and mp3’s, anyone can just play
music! A good DJ knows how to read the crowd in order to keep the dance floor packed all
throughout the event. We will also act as your MC and handle all of your formal announcements
with professionalism.

With our wedding service, we will work with you to carefully plan every detail of your reception to
make sure everything comes together exactly how you envision! After all, your wedding should
be all about you, and we will do everything we can to keep YOU happy on YOUR big day!

Are you insured?

Yes, of course we are! At all times, we are covered under a $1,000,000.00 liability policy! Just
let us know if your particular venue requires proof of insurance and we can fax over a copy of our
Insurance Binder.

What price range do you fall into for Weddings?

Our wedding prices start at $1495 for up to 4 hours of music entertainment. We are currently
offering a super promotion where we will deduct $100 off of your DJ services if you also book Up-
Do’s For I Do’s
for hair and make-up services!

What is one piece of advice you have for brides in the wedding planning process?

Our best piece of advice is to meet with your vendors (especially your DJ) in person prior to
booking them. You can learn a lot during an in-person face to face meeting, and you need to feel
comfortable that the vendor can deliver the services that you desire.

What type of equipment do you use?

Here at Beat 2 Beat DJs, we pride ourselves in using only the very best professional DJ
equipment – brand names such as Pioneer, Technics, Rane, Serato, QSC, Yamaha, Peavey,
Cerwin-Vega, Sony and Shure just to name a few. If you would like to discuss the specifics
regarding the equipment, we would be happy to provide you with more details. Just give us a call
or send us an email! You can even schedule a time to meet with us and come see some of our
amazing equipment in person at our Elkridge, MD studio!

What time will you arrive to begin setting up?

We typically arrive about 1 hour before the scheduled start time in order to set-up all of the
equipment. Please let us know beforehand if we are unable to have access to the location at
least 1 hour prior to your scheduled start time. Breaking-down usually takes less time, and we
are normally cleaned up and ready to go within 45 minutes after the last song is played!

What will the DJ wear during my event?

Your DJ will certainly dress for the occasion! For less formal events, we will typically wear our
company polo with khaki pants (khaki shorts for summer events). For weddings and more formal
events, we will wear either a full suit or tuxedo (although we may arrive to the location ahead of
time in our company polo to avoid dirtying our formal wear while carrying and setting up all of the

Do you require a deposit to hold my date? If so, how much?

In order to hold your date, we need to have both a signed contract and a $195 non-refundable

What kinds of music do you have, and what do you specialize in?

We carry well over 50,000 songs with us at all times, ranging in genre from classic Oldies to the
latest Hip-Hop. In fact, we specialize in having all of the latest hits, including Top 40, Dance, Hip-
Hop, R&B, House, Rock, and everything in between. We legally purchase all of our music
through various resources, including Promo Only, The DJ Wholesale Club, and various other
online DJ record pools. We then encode this source material at the highest possible bitrate (320k
to be exact) in order to maintain the best possible sound quality.

I know of another DJ who charges less because he downloads all of his music for free on LimeWire? Why shouldn’t I just hire him instead?

Ahh yes, illegal downloading…this is probably our biggest pet peeve of all! As a company who
legitimately purchases all of its music through a variety of legal resources, illegal downloading is a
subject that gets us all fired up! First of all, most of the “free” mp3 downloads that are easily
accessible on LimeWire or other “peer-to peer” file sharing networks have either not been
encoded properly, or have not been ripped from the proper source material. Even though the
quality may sound acceptable through your headphones while listening on your iPod, a poorly
encoded mp3 file will definitely sound AWFUL when amplified over a professional sound system.
Since we pay hundreds of dollars every month in order to keep our library updated with quality
files, we guarantee that our music will sound crystal clear during your event!

What happens if the DJ scheduled to do my event can’t make it or has an emergency?

Fortunately, this has never once happened to any of our DJs throughout our 15+ years in
business. However, we will always have another DJ on-call as a backup, just in case this type of
situation happens to arise.

If we are having so much fun at our party, can we decide towards the end if we want the DJ to stay? How do we pay for this?

Sure thing, as long as we do not have another event booked after yours, we would be happy to
stay and continue the party! We charge $245 per hour for any time that we continue to play
beyond the contracted time.

Do you accept Credit Cards?

Sure, if you would like to pay your total balance due with a Credit Card, you may make your
payment via PayPal. We offer this convenience as a free service to our clients, so we do not
increase your total amount due in order to compensate for the transaction fee that Paypal
charges. Email us and we can send you an invoice, or you can just send the payment directly to: